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Thank you for choosing Neel Raya MD Inc. for your health care needs. Neel Raya MD Inc. is committed to the improved health of our patients by providing appropriate, high quality, comprehensive family health care. For every commitment, there is an obligation. We feel it is the patient or guardians’ responsibility to meet their financial obligations.
As we see patients from many different insurance plans, it is impossible for us to know all the covered benefits, copays, and deductibles for each plan. While it is our intention to assist you, it is still your responsibility to ensure that all services rendered or referred by Neel Raya MD Inc. on your behalf are paid in full. In order to clarify Neel Raya MD Inc.’s billing procedure, we have listed below our billing policy.



·        New Patient Visit – or existing patient not seen for 3 years - $175

·        Follow-up Visit – if last visit is less than 3 years ago - $100.



·        New Patient with Commercial Insurances  (other than Medicare, Medicaid, Humana-medicare, Medigold, Aetna-Medicare, Anthem-Medicare, Caresource-medicaid, Paramount-medicaid, Buckeye-medicaid) will be charged $175 at first visit, which is refundable after the 2nd visit when insurance has paid.

·        New Patient with Medicare, Medicaid, Humana-Medicare, Medigold, Aetna-Medicare, Anthem-Medicare, Caresource-medicaid, Paramount-medicaid, Buckeye-medicaid will be charged $30 at time of making appointment.

·        BP-Check by nurse - $10

·        EKG - $30

·        Fluvaccine - $40 (regular), $80 (high-dose)

·        Giving injections (medicine provided by patient) $10.


Contracted, PPO & HMO Patients that have a Co-payment or Deductible

·        Co-pays, deductibles and any balances from previous visits must be paid at the time of service, as required by your insurance company. 

·        If you do not pay your co-pay, or balances due at the time of service, your appointment may have to be rescheduled and it will be considered as a no-show and subject to no-show fee of $30. 

·        There may be situations where you may be left with a balance when unknown co-pays, deductibles or non-covered services exist. This balance  is due 30 days from the date on the billing statement you will receive. You will not receive a statement of a balance due from our office until after your insurance carrier has paid their portion of the charges, applied them to your deductible or requested that you provide additional information.


Medicare Patients

·        We will bill Medicare for you. You will receive a statement after Medicare has paid their portion of the charges or applied them to your deductible.

·        If you have supplemental insurance to Medicare, we will also bill your Medicare Supplement for you. 

·        You will receive a statement from our office after Medicare and your supplemental insurance has paid their portion of the charges or applied them to your deductible.


Medicaid Patients

·        We accept patients on the Ohio State Medicaid Programs. 

·        Caresource/Paqramount/Buckeye-medicaid plans should have Dr.Raya’s name on the card at appointment, without this name on the card patient will not be seen or scheduled.

·        Patients on the Medicaid program are required to present a current medical card to the receptionist upon arrival at each visit. 

·        If you do not have your current medical card upon arrival, you will be rescheduled for your appointment to a time when you have your medical card.


Workers Compensation Claims

·        If you are seeing one of our providers for an injury that occurred during the course of your employment, please be sure to notify the receptionist that your injury is “work-related”. You will be given the proper paperwork to be filed with your employer and their insurance carrier for payment of your services. 

·        If your employer or their insurance carrier denies your claim, you will be held financially responsible for all charges incurred for services rendered on your behalf.


Other Insurance Carriers

·        As a courtesy to all our patients, we will bill your primary insurance for you. You will, however, be expected to pay at the time services are rendered

·        We will reimburse you for any payment we receive if and when your insurance pays us directly.


Civil Suits, Auto, Home or Business Owners Claims

·        If you are involved in a civil suit, auto, home or business owner’s accident and are seeking payment from the responsible party, we expect payment at the time of service. 

·        We do not bill the responsible parties insurance or attorney for your services in these situations due to the length of time it takes to settle these claims.


When is payment expected from the patient?

·        We do expect payment at the time of service. 

·        If we are on contract with an insurance company, we expect the patient's portion of our fee, co-pay, balances from earlier visits, or deductible at the time of service. 

·        We accept cash, check, or Credit-card (there is a transaction fee) as payment options.


Do you charge interest?

·        We reserve the right to charge interest if payment is not made within 30 days of the service.


Bounced Checks

·        We charge $40 for each bounced check.



·        There is a charge for release of records to the patient. Please click on this link.


Collections Policy

·        If after reasonable efforts on our part we do not receive payments for services rendered we will place the patient in collections and after this we will not be able to see the patient until the owed balance is cleared.